The 1971 science fiction film THX 1138 was sampled in song “Operating Tracks” it uses the lines “We have to go back! This is your last chance.”, “1138 What’s wrong?” “1138 retract. [BING noise]. 1138 retract, someone’s touching TTL integrated logic module. Switching to manual.”, “Would you like a salt epidermal?”, “1138 What’s wrong?”, “1138 You’re getting Talbot contact”, “We’re tracked at 2.20, Vector oh seven niner, but we’re making contact at point 0 0 3”, “Now don’t override here, this is critical.”, “OK you can start your descent, thats it, slow down just a little bit, you’re overriding point seven”, “OK, hold it 1138” and many sound effects of the film. — Wikipedia

FYI the Gear featured in the Video That I can identify are : Moog Source : dual oscillator Mono synth, Roland System 100 Modular Synth, Roland TR-808 Drum Machine (Duh!), I think the blue characters (Numbers & letters) are from the Roland MC-4 or MC-8 Microcomposer Digital CV/Gate Sequencer (Pre-MIDI) — YouTube

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